cheap pair of gloves
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    cheap pair of gloves

    First Gear riding gloves.

    I'll admit, they're very mediocre.

    No carbon knuckles... nothing fancy like that here.

    It's got plastic pucks knuckles, and studs on the palms.

    They're all leather, it says kevlar on them, don't really know where? It's definately all leather. Perhaps the plastic's made outta it? i dunno.

    Red and black.
    They're in good shape, no real wear anywhere, the leather's broken in i would say, but not worn or anything.
    Good for passenger gloves, or someone who's on a budget.

    50 bucks takes them off my hands. I can't show you anymore because the link i had is down, but they were going for 79.95 something US dollars retail.

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