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    2005 GSXR-600

    2005 Gsxr-600

    I Got My 2005 SUZUKI GSXR-600 About Two Weeks Ago And I Have Yet To Take It
    Over 9500 Rpms. What Would I Have To Be At To Be At Max Power?
    Someone Told Me About 11200 Rpm Is When I'll Be In The Powerband?
    I've Never Tried To Pay Attention To What My Rpm Says TO KNOW WHEN I'M IN THAT MAX POWER ON ANY OTHER BIKE THAT I HAVE RIDIN. But I Have Not Even Put To Bike Over 110 Mph Yet. I Would Like To Know More About What I Have Before I Try To Put It To The Limit
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    That is one painful block of text.

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    Put your right foot on the brake and use your left foot to push the clutch all the way down. Put the gearshift in neutral. Make sure it's in neutral by wiggling it. It should wiggle side to side easily. Now turn the key and start the car. Turn off the radio, the fan, and anything else that makes noise. Slowly, let out the clutch. If at any point the car feels like it wants to move, push the clutch back to the floor: you are not in neutral. Shut down and start over.

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