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Thread: Custom Fabrication ???

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    Custom Fabrication ???

    I have this 1972 Honda CB350 that i purchased a few years ago, it was a race bike in a former life. While prepping the bike for the track, anything and everything unnecessary was cut off and removed including the kick stand.

    After the bikes racing career was finished it was slapped together with random parts from suzukis and who knows what else and put back on the road. At the same time, someone welded a kick stand mount onto the lower left side of the frame that looks like a 4 year old did it, and not only that but the stand is to short and the bike leans over way to far when parked.

    What i want, is to cut this off and to have a nice kickstand mount + stand placed on the bike. Does anyone here do metal fab or know someone that would be able to do tihs ???

    This is the "Piece" right here, which will be torn down completely and redone as a cafe shortly.

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    that bike would be really cool if it was done up as a flat tracker.
    as for fab work goes try allan autotech on imperial in burnaby.
    barry is a awsome mechanic and fabricator and has been known to
    work on bikes too. call 604-451-1760

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