STOLEN 3 rmk snowmobiles and black enclosed trailer REWARD $5000
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Thread: STOLEN 3 rmk snowmobiles and black enclosed trailer REWARD $5000

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    STOLEN 3 rmk snowmobiles and black enclosed trailer REWARD $5000

    Some fuckers broke into our bc house and stole a bunch of stuff. they were stolen from shuswap lake in magna bay(celista). they got off with 3 sleds the enclosed trailer and a lg plasma tv and a marantz stereo amp and thousands in jewelery including a couple rolex's.

    They came in a stolen red 98 dodge ram sport and ramed the gate in. i figure its random cause they broke into a couple houses up the road and stole a outboard motor and generator then they dumped it at our place loading up the jackpot goods. I figure they could possibly be in kamloops right now seeing as the truck was stolen from the kamloops airport(wich is off the beaten path of the main highway) but they could be anywhere at this point, im just throwing this around everywhere to hope someone spots them on the highway or something.

    The trailer is a 2007 Wells Cargo model # FW192-VF, and its Black

    The roof of the trailer has damage on it cause it caved in last winter but we pushed it back out and you can still tell it was caved!

    Trailer serial number:


    the plate that WAS on it was a Alberta plate # is W28 907

    their was also stickers on the side of the trailer on the very back that says serviced by wholesale trailers in nisku ab

    here are pics of the exact trailer minus the alloy wheels and the small step for the side door. ours just had steel wheels and no step.

    heres kinda a front pic of the trailer

    The sleds were 2 2008 rmk 700 dragons(red) with the 155" track.

    and one 2007 black rmk 600 155" as well.

    both are stock as can be with all stickers and everything.

    I have serial numbers for the 2 Dragons as well



    and the number to the 600 is SN1PG7JSX8C354358

    this is the rmk 600

    And heres a pic of the 2 700 dragons and the 600 rmk all on the left(ignore the black one on the right)

    these are all the pics i have right now of it all. but theirs so many stock rmks out their it would be hard to tell except by vin number.

    If you notice ANYTHING fishy or spot any of these

    please call the police or me @ 1 780-887-9191

    $5000 Reward if you can lead us to the stolen goods or turn it in.

    please keep an eye out their guys!

    dirt is more fun

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    No GPS in the trailer? My dad learned that the hard way with a similar trailer last year.

    Goodluck to you, going to be tough to find them but hopefully you get lucky.

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