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    Looking for Piano Teacher

    Does anyone know of a piano teacher for adults? I'm looking to start playing again after stopping a while ago. I'm not looking to re-enter the cut-throat world of musical child prodigies (no more recitals for me) but I would like to improve my skills. I tried the BCRMTA web site but it just lists names without details so it wasn't very useful.

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    I havea friend that teaches piano out of his home in White Rock, should I give gim a call for ya and find out? He's really good!!!
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    That gets me thinking that I'd want to re-learn piano as well. I went up to grade 7 (at the part when theory was getting ugly) and called it quits.

    I think my fingers are all messed up from the gym though.

    Good on ya' to learn again. That's cool.
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    I'm not telling, but Atom isn't allowed near it.

    My wife teaches Piano, PM me or "Tesha" on the site.


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    Thanks to everyone who sent a PM to me. I will reply to each of your very soon (I'm at work).

    Bean: Thanks but White Rock is too far for me as I live near downtown Vancouver. I should have made that a little more clear. I will keep your friend in mind if I'm unable to find a teacher who is closer to me.

    Dalton: Thanks for the encouragement. I need it!

    BCRider99: Thank you too but I haven't played in almost 10 years so I don't think I'm an appropriate student. Does your wife know of any instructors for adults?

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    Allegro Music School has teachers who will travel to your home and teach you. My step-daughter and I started lessons with them at the beginning of the year; so far, so good.

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