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    Movie downloading site

    I heard on the radio about a site where you can download movies for $1. Supposedly you can get movies before they are released but the government can't find the site host so can't do anything about it. Does anyone know what site this is?

    Oh, and i just downloaded a copy of the Lord of the Rings! it's not the greatest sound or video quality but good enough for now!
    I got it from using the LimeWire program.

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    Not anymore.

    downloading movies

    Ya, you can download anything including movies that are in the theatres at I just downloaded Queen of the damned. Not the best picture or sound but its the movie.

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    I wish.
    I'm not going to close the thread, because it's an innoncent question, however, it is copy-writed, and as such I cannot condone this.

    Saying that, they're have been movies being released for the last 3 years over the net using many different channels. Your 'kazaa' is actually probably one of the last to get it. Lots of underground channels and IRC that move things. Movies are often 'pre-released' under the title of a screener where as movie exec's and VIP's can view the movie before it's even out - often uncompeted CGI and such. These get leaked, and we get to see them. Movie quality has gone up so high lately because of most of the major production houses releasing screeners on DVD's now where the quality transfer is almost perfect and fits generally on just 2 CD's in some type of Divx format. Oh, and if someone's charging for this, and it's not legit, they're going to be SO sued.

    Not that I know anything about it though ..
    BCSB- Administrator

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    there are talking about

    it worked for the first week after opening and i haven't been able to reach it since..

    and here's the original post on /.

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    Before this thread is closed =)

    Bluestone .. MIRC man .. lots of channels in there have all the latest movies and older movies available. ALL FOR FREE. SuperVCD, Mpeg, full screen and other formats. My friends have them all. type /list mpeg on MIRC to find all the channels with high quality movies to download.

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    i need a new bike.
    yah.... MIRC and kazaa are good.
    LE should know, he's King of ***n.

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