Favorite Ride-To Dual Sport Ride from Vancouver
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Thread: Favorite Ride-To Dual Sport Ride from Vancouver

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    Favorite Ride-To Dual Sport Ride from Vancouver

    Who here rides their DS bikes from Van (or around) to some sweet dirt roads or trails?

    Would love to know your favorite ride-to off road rides.

    PM me if you don't want to share with the rest of the world.

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    05 XR650L, hey riding on dirt is a sport
    I signed up at dualsportbc.com to get hooked up with the local dual sport peoples

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    There are many excellent dual-sport rides close by.
    Pick up a copy of the backroads BC mapbook.It's not completely accurate but good as a starter reference.
    Personally,some of my favorite rides are the east and west side of Harrison.
    The trails and decommissioned logging roads around the Chehalis lake area.The kettle valley railway trails from Brookmere to Princeton.Brohm Ridge FSR near Squamish is awesome for scenery.Brailorne/Gold bridge area.

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