Honda X-11 ?
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Thread: Honda X-11 ?

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    Honda X-11 ?

    Hey guys, was reading an old spanish bike magazine (2001), and I saw a Honda ad, picturing the CB series, and the biggest of them all is a X-11, supposedly having the blackbird engine, but i´s of course a naked bike.. I{ve never seen any of those here in mexico, and US forums talk very little about them, I mean, shouldn´t it be THE naked bike from long ago? Why wasn´t it so popular??

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    Naked bikes aren't very popular in north america...
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    Europe gets all the cool bikes. North America gets the majority of sport bikes and cruisers, with a couple of other models thrown in just for the mix.

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    One of the members here rides one, but he lives in the Phillipines.
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    Some made their own (before the X11 appeared)

    Except this one doesn't have the "detuned" motor

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