engine knock 91 Gsxr 1100
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Thread: engine knock 91 Gsxr 1100

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    engine knock 91 Gsxr 1100

    I have two motors that I need to fix. One is in need of second gear and it looks pretty rough. So does anyone know of a good machine shop for honing and cam grinding. The second motor has a nasty knock( sounds like the piston hitting something) any suggestion of what it could be would be appreciated.

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    Cam grinding? Why are you gonna grind the cams?

    The one with the 'piston hitting something' is probably a spun bearing at the crank journal.

    To be honest, I'd consider getting one motor out of the two if I were you. They each sound like expensive projects individually. You can find better motors for less money without all the work.
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    i might be able to help you out, pm me and we can work something out
    to get you back on the road. you gave me your phone # before, when i
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