Gear size - Men vs Women
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Thread: Gear size - Men vs Women

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    Gear size - Men vs Women


    I don't know if I should post this on the women forum or on I apologize in advance..

    Anyway, my question is that have any ladies out there bought leather jacket in men size and did not regret?

    Cuz I am looking at the alpinestars leather jacket for men and they look so much more aggressive and offers a longer body length...the lady's one are all short and pink which is ....

    So i am hoping someone can tell me their experience...thanks!

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    Not a lady, but I've known one or two in my day who bought bike gear.

    It really depends on your body type. If you've got an impressive chest and hips to match you're not going to find men's gear fits as well as women-specific gear.

    If you're built more like a man, you might have better luck with men's gear.

    I suspect some of the female-specific stuff is more "curvy" than others, just like some of the men's stuff is built more for, ah, "husky" builds than others.

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