tracking it stateside.....
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Thread: tracking it stateside.....

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    tracking it stateside.....

    Have a friend interested in purchasing my track bike (02 gsxr 600)

    I do not have(nor was I given--- registration papers for it), as it is not a street registrable bike, and I really didn't care about paperwork.

    Will he have any problem taking the bike down to trackdays in Washington etc. if I provide him with a bill of sale --- dated, signed, purchase price, and statement saying that this is specifically a trackbike in decent race ready shape.

    Thanks for your time and responses,,,, any comments are very appreciated.
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    I think a bill of sale with the VIN number is all you need but I'd double check here.

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    I've been to many track days in the States and have never had the US border patrol even look twice at my bike. Comming back is a different story, about 50% of the time they ask to see my registration papers. Canadian Customs and Border Control would be who I would check with first. They are the ones who care if you bought the bike in the US and are trying to avoid paying any duties or worse yet, stole the bike.

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    I took your bike down a bunch of times and was stopped and required to show papers, and it wasn't a problem, BUT they didn't look at the bike to see that it actually had a VIN.
    To play it safe, I would suggest stopping at the Canadian side on the way down to do the green sticker thing... I've never done it, but I've heard it's simple and proves you brought the bike down with you...

    BTW, I wouldn't mind getting that bike back... what's your price at now?

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