Bridgestones for all in '09 Motogp
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Thread: Bridgestones for all in '09 Motogp

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    Bridgestones for all in '09 Motogp

    So they've gone and done it.. spec tire for Motogp. who will suffer the most without their special tire? who will benefit? what does it all mean? hmmm...
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    I think it's a good idea. At least for the 09 season. In WRC they are doing the same with Pirelli and it seems to level the playing field quite a bit.

    And there's always different compounds to choose from. Should be interesting.

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    Now get them to ride all the same motorcycle!

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    I'm fine with it. I'd rather the bikes and the riders decide the races.
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    Good! Might make things more competitive like World Superbike.

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    even with a single tire rule,i gurantee that Rossi and possible more get a "special" bstone tire...
    and satalite teams might get ones that were in tire warmers from the previous races that someonehow made it back onto the truck:P
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    Lately Ive been watching 2004 MotoGp highlights dvd and notice that it was mostly Michelin tyres on the leaders and Bridgestone had its first ever win in MotoGp that year.

    My point is that if they went to a spec tyre back then it would have been the Michelin. The Bridgestones are this good now due to competition, now that they have no enemy to 'crush' will the Research and Development still be as agressive? I am not so niave to think that they wont start cutting back some to save money in that department, after all who are they racing against?

    Is it good? Will it slow down improvements for tyres? Only time will tell.

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    I think Bridgestone will be reluctant "winners" of this contract. Now they can't say they are the the 'best' tire manufacturer in Motogp with a winning formula. The reason? They are the ONLY tire manufacturer in Motogp! Without a loser to compare to you're not going to get the credit you deserve by being competitive. Nice final 'dig' by Michelin...
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