Hi girls, not sure if I'm allowed to talk about my Bike for Sale in this forum..guess I'll know if I get deleted, but I have an awesome bike for sale. Check out the bikes for Sale section. Every guy in town will advise a girl to buy a Bandit or an SV650 both good bikes but not necessarily the only game in town. I'm selling a 2007 Z750S Kawasaki and it's awesome. I've ridden loads of bikes and worked in the motorcycle industry for years. The Z750S is a seriously under-rated machine. I'm 5'5 and the bike fits very comfortably. It's confidence aspiring with tons of low and high end power, loads of jam for a more experienced rider as well, more of an upright sitting position semi tour style, flows into corner with ease. Anyway, if your looking for a new ride give me a shout. Happy riding. Take care, T