Good Evening Gentlemen,

As most of you know, I am leaving to Singapore in just over a month, and I am selling everything I own.

She is a 1989 635 CSI; This was the last year BMW produced a Six series until the launch of the E63 in 2003. (Some might

argue that the E31 was the true successor to the E24, but a E31 is a 8 series, not a 6. but I suppose that is neither here

nor there..)

In '76 this Chassis Replaced the Good old E9.

I had my doubts if she was actually a L6 as I was told; but a little research informed me that due to the fact that she has

the leather headliner and trim, after 1987 they were given the L6 Demarcation.

Technically the dash should have been leather covered too; but sadly they shrink over time and crack. After two or three

times, most people switched over to the plastic dashs.

I should note that she should be able to qualify for collectors plates due to her rarity; Technically she falls under the

less than 1500 made in that year category.

Currently she has 215 HP and 224 lbs torque thanks to the newer and more desirable (more power, less fuel consumption)

M30B35 first used in these vehicles in 1988. A $229 Mark D chip for her will give you 250 HP and 255 Lbs; M30 chips can be

found used for about $100.

I had big plans for her, If only I had more time here I would have completed it and she would have been my road warrior. I

had a full 5 speed swap for her and a great suspension. Sadly those are both sold; The 5 speed swap may be for sale soon

though, as the current purchaser for her has yet to fully purchase it.

When I first purchased her she was in very poor mechanical repair.

Most of the major problems have been fixed but there are a few outstanding items that, although do not stop her from being

my current daily driver, could be fixed to be more enjoyable.

As such I will start with the current negatives:

The center driveshaft support is worn; I have a spare, but I don't have the time to replace it; Naturally I would give the

new owner the spare as well as a bunch of other spares. It does not effect driving but you can just feel it during


A very common problem with E28 based chassis (which this E24 is, she is not E12 based in case some were curious, that was

pre 1983), was the fact that the steering boxes were prone to separating from the subframe. I had the same problem, and

there are two fixes for it; one is to buy a kit that bolts the steering box to the subframe, this is what I did. The other

option is to have the box welded to the subframe. Welding is the better option but also requires more time. She still

steers just fine with the bolt fix though.

The Drivers seat's leather is torn; unfortunate but replaceable. The passenger seat shows wear but no rips; the rear seats

are perfect as no one really ever sits in the back of a E24 ^_^.

The exhaust is starting to get loud, which would normally be unfortunate as the spares are about $800; luckily for the next

owner I have a full spare exhaust for her.

She also has a rebuilt title as she was hit in the rear in the US and then purchased and brought to Canada for repairs. The

only good thing I can say about this is that I will reflect this fact in the price.

Now for the good things!

Besides the fact that she is a absolute blast to drive; I have had to repair and replace many things since I got her.

All the vacuum lines and air intake boots have been replaced.

The steer box was fixed.

The Pitman arms and support arms were replaced.

Brakes have been replaced.

A new optima battery has been installed.

A major change to her that is important is the SLS was deleted (if you have ever had to suffer with a failed SLS system for

a rear suspension, you know how great a SLS delete is). As such she is running Bilstein HDs.

All the Ignition components are new, Distributor cap and rotor, Wiring harness, plugs, etc.

There is probably a few other things that have been done, but I cannot remember right now as I type this at 5am ^_^.

I have a few receipts totaling over a grand in parts from a few months ago that we can go through. Right when I bought her

I got a lot done.

I should note that the wheels on her now are not the ones in the picture, they were already purchased; I have now new 15"

rims and new rubber. (Yes both the rims and the rubber are new)

Another nice thing is all the spare you will get, generally when people buy the last of any chassis that I have they get

everything that I had held in my storage for spares.

Some expensive items include the exhaust, the brake bomb, and the steering wheel adjustable rack. Plus boxes of replacement


Probably the most important question everyone is wondering is the price.

As a clean and sorted E24 can fetch between 12 and 16 grand, I believe that $4,500 obo is fair for mine as she has a few

rough edges.

If you want to see her, please give me a call, email or a PM. I have the next two weeks off work and am available all day,

but in one week I am going to NYC to attend a friends wedding for a week. But feel free to leave a email during that time

and I can meet you after.

My cell is 604-218-7253 and my email is

Thank you all for reading this huge post and your interest!