Road test in Chilliwack?
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Thread: Road test in Chilliwack?

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    Road test in Chilliwack?

    Hi guys,
    Sorry for double post, but my test is in 2 days.
    Did anyone pass the road test in Chilliwack. I tried to book it in Burnaby, Langley or Surrey, but no luck until December, so Chilliwack was my only choice (and I will have it this Thursday, October 16th). I would appreciate any detail of your experience!

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    there are roads in chilliwack?

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    just take it easy, Enjoy the ride and you will pass with no issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rememberFace View Post
    there are roads in chilliwack?
    Yes, but they consist of gravel and cow shit.

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    The test in Chilliwack is pretty easy one. I did my test there.

    If i remember correctly..

    When going north (away from the DT core) young rd there is a park in the area and it has a 30kms sign that you can barley see from the road. Almost failed at that part.

    If they take you out to Prest Rd toward #1 HWY there is a sign along the way that IS a 30 kms school zone and its also extends farther past the school for some reason. The grass field that is beside it looks like a part of a farm but IS still part of the school. I failed this part. Fokin Bastards!

    Its been awhile but its an easy one out there. Not many stops. Lots of turns and lots of school zones. Have fun.

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