Post: Saturday Oct. 11th - Newbie Supremacy: Harrison-Hope-Manning Park Resort
User: adam112
Infraction: Too many previous warnings, no change in behaviour
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Too many previous warnings, no change in behaviour
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Adam, I thought you were smarter than this. But seriously, you don't add much to the board.

Either find a different way to express yourself, or we'll have to do without you in the future. You have had warnings about this plenty of times.
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Thank you! You made it happen!!!
I don't know you at all...but picking on a girl...and bullying her with the wieght issue... Man... What an unintelligent shallow man you might be...!!
But I hope you're nice in person!!! Cheers...
No no, there is absolutely no doubt about my shallowness. The intelligence part is debatable, but let's not cast any doubt about how shallow I am.

And, sadly... I am not a nice person... not even close. I eat babies for breakfast.

I know she is sensitive about her weight, think of it as tough love. I am personally just thinking of her poor binders trying to arrest all that forward momentum at 300 km/h. Does nobody even consider those poor innocent rotors. People have mercy for Christs sake! They didn't ask for this!