Looking for a good motorcycle mechanic [dirtbike]
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Thread: Looking for a good motorcycle mechanic [dirtbike]

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    Looking for a good motorcycle mechanic [dirtbike]

    I know this may not be the right forum but I figured as it pretains to mechanics it's more general then anything.. i hope :P

    I'm looking for a motorcycle mechanic who works out of his own shop/garage

    I have an old little dirtbike, a 1986 Honda XR100 that i've been having a hell of a time getting running, i've restored alot of the bike and had it running great at one point, but now it doesnt want to go

    Looking for an experianced mechanic who knows bikes to do a good tuneup and maybe a valve adjustment

    since the bike is so old i'm really not willing to bring it to a shop like Holeshot and pay insane prices like $130/hour for labour

    looking for somone who will charge on the work done, not a flat hourly rate because this bike is not very complicated at all.

    so far i've been recomended to go to/contact Imperial?

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    5thgear ?

    Their website is down. But an engine is an engine and I've heard they are good people. Somebody should have their # / address. Dunno the shop rate though.

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    #13-12332, Pattullo Place, Surrey

    604-588-9099 Ask for Steve

    All makes and models-Designated Inspection Facility-Quality Service and Repairs.
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    I am in Richmond, so depending on where you are, you can PM me and we can chat. I will be able to do it after next week if you can wait. I am a Licensed Tech and I do work at home.
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    We're rebuilding one right now with a big bore kit. You can check it out before it goes together. There fairly cheap to fix.

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