GPS Snitch - Securiity devce for bikes?
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Thread: GPS Snitch - Securiity devce for bikes?

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    GPS Snitch - Securiity devce for bikes?

    Was in LD today, and saw this lil gadget. Unlike the previous discussions on the SPOT GPS thingee, this one actually sends out a signal by itself, making it track-able on the computer.

    It requires you to pay $14.99/mos, but at least has the capability of being used for a security device.

    Batteries are said to last about 1 week, so guess you would turn it on/off as you needed it, or puchase thew optional hard-wire kit. It has the ability to alert you via text message, as it has a motion sensor too.....kinda neat toy.

    Found a couple things about this unit and it's use with bikes on a quick Google:

    Anyway, something to check out, if you have not seen it already:
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    anyone got it installed and recovered their bikes successfully ?

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