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Thread: Looking to switch property management company

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    Looking to switch property management company

    I'm on our strata council and for the past 2 years since the inception of our strata Aragon Property management has managed our development. They are also the developer although they claim they are not completely affiliated with the developer. In any event, over the past 2 years we have gone through 4 property managers, not because of our strata, but because of Aragon management. Seems as though there is some problem with the management firm. We have made a decision to switch and are looking at Baywest and Vancouver Condo. Just want to know if anyone out there has these management firms on their strata and what they think of them? We are looking for a well experienced property manager who we don't have to baby sit, which has been the case now for several months!!

    Any feedback would be appreciated

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    Well, do NOT use Dunlop Bradshaw (D & B) Financial in Surrey!! They royally facked us over! Our Contingency Reserve Fund was - well - we didn't have one!! D & B "pooled" the funds with other strata lots and basically "robbed Peter to pay Paul". We had no money to pay for any repairs to our buildings. Needless to say, the owners were all hit with a hefty assessment to acquire the money to pay for the repairs. :/

    I managed to get onto the Strata Council (on which one of the owners D & B was the president of the Council!) The new Strata Council ended up taking them to small claims court and WON!

    Anyway, that's one company to stay far away from!

    Not sure if you folks are members, but The Condominium Home Owners' Association (CHOA) is a non-profit association that assists strata owners in British Columbia. They might be able to point you in the right direction also. Their website: http://www.choa.bc.ca/about.html

    Good luck!
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    Also don't use Gateway. A bunch of crooks. We are trying to boot them out as we speak as well.
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    We've dealt with CHOA in the past and find it's often difficult to get timely info or recommendations but it's worth a shot.

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    I know little about Baywest, but VanCondo is mediocre. Crosby Property Management & Richmond Property Management seems a little better organized.

    Most of these property managemt companies have regular staff turnovers. There isn't a great deal of money in relation to the problems in the business.

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    When I was on our council 2 yrs ago, we changed our property management - the old company was getting out of residential to focus on their commercial portfolio.

    We interviewed 4 companies:

    - One (name withheld) was 45 minutes late for the interview - not hired.

    - Vancouver Condo's presentation was very impressive, but they could not guarantee an experienced manager - not hired.

    - Crosby was less impressve in the interview and seemed unorganized - they were going through a major turnover in staff at the time - not hired.

    - We hired Wynford, who manage a number of buildings in the neighbourhood, and they got us a very experienced manager. No regrets - they are doing a great job so far.

    FWIW, property managers must now be licensed, and there is a dire shortage of good managers.... plus the fact it is a thankless job with only average pay. Interview the companies carefully, check on the experience level of the accounting staff (essential to know who is handling the accounts and what system they use) and try and get a good individual property manager with at least 3 years experience, and check all references carefully - for both the company and the individual manager.

    Good luck!

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    I got Hugh & McKinnon, they take real good care of our shit, and I pay 170 or 180 per month and my unit is about 805 sq/ft. Myself and everyone else ive spoken to about them seems to be pleased. hope this helps.

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