Wilson Staff Progressive 4-PW
Ok, so nostalgia got the best of me. When I played golf 10 years ago I was hitting these and when I saw a set for sale I jumped on them. Then I realized why I quit golf 10 years ago!! I still can't hit them!! I only played them 2 rounds but my striking is too inconsistent for these.

Anyway just looking to get what I paid for them. They are in better shape than the pictures show. Faces are in great shape with minimal wear. Original Wilson stiff shafts with shaft bands (but tough to read now). In seriously good shape with some bag chatter because they're forged but again better than the pics show. Not looking for profit just passing on a great set of clubs. $60 plus whatever shipping will be.

Tour Edge JMax Bazooka Iron Wood Hybrid set 3-PW

I bought these this past summer when I got back into golf. They are so damn easy to hit it's not funny. They are in good shape with some bag chatter on the tops of the clubs. The 8 iron is a bit rough on top because of it contacting my putter for a round on a cart but does not affect playability. Pics shown of that club. Graphite shafted and reg. flex. Used for about 8 rounds or so and about 6 buckets at the range. Will include a set of hybrid covers (8) I picked up on eBay for them. Paid $250 asking $150obo plus whatever shipping will be.