Mechanic or small engine guy in Kelowna???
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Thread: Mechanic or small engine guy in Kelowna???

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    Mechanic or small engine guy in Kelowna???

    Hey all, I just moved to Kelowna from ON this summer. I'm a student at UBCO, I have no tools and no place to work on this bike, and really need some help.

    The problem is that I rode my '85 Yamaha FZ750 from North Bay to Kelowna in August. The original plan was to trailer it, but the straps let go just after I left Ottawa. The bike fell, smashing the side of the fairing, scraping the brand new exhaust and smashing a mirror. Being a stubborn SOB and fed up with the trailer, I rode the bike from North Bay all the way to Kelowna with 1 mirror and a smashed up fairing. After doing ~4,000km my problems were only cosmetic at this point...

    THEN to make matters worse, when I was putting it into storage in Kelowna I tripped and dropped it.

    Now it won't start. I hear the starter motor, it sounded like it wanted to start at first but now it just backfires when I try to start it. I've put over 3000$ into this bike to restore it. I've already got replacement plastics painted up and ready to bolt on.... but I need it in running condition so I can sell it.

    Kelowna Yamaha has not returned my phone calls in 2 weeks. I guess an '85 is not worthy of their time. Anyone know a guy who would be interested in taking a look at it???


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    A very ooooold friend of mine has a sister who is a part owner of the Motorrad there. Even though it's a Euro shop, you should have no problem getting someone to look at your bike. Failing that there's a big Japanese dealership on the west side. Not cheap, but they'll probably fix it toute de suite.

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    Go see Shawn at Innovative. He's in Rutland kind of behind the Kelowna Grand Prix go-kart track, accross the highway from Scandia / M&M. You'll get good service and a little cheaper than the big dealers.

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