TXC 450 2008
A completely new model, the TXC was designed and built to suit the unique racing and riding styles so prominent in many regions of North America. Starting with the TC motocross engine, offering a more pronounced “hit” and slightly quicker building rev’s than the enduro models, the power-band of this bike is better suited for the somewhat more open terrain and trails. Allowing this new bike to achieve the top speeds associated with this style of riding, a six-speed transmission was installed in place of the motocrosser’s five-speed. As with its fuel injected siblings, the carbureted TXC has a longer and straighter intake tract, improving power and throttle response across the entire RPM range. The new exhaust system is now routed to the left of the bike to facilitate the new air box / manifold design. To be better prepared for rocks and other tire eating hazards, the TXC’s are also fitted with eighteen-inch rims. Lastly, so starting is never an issue far from the truck, both electric and kick-start assemblies are standard issue on this revolutionary machine.

This one does come street legal, Has the headlight ,tailight and is registered. Incredible dualsport best hill climber I have ever owned. Bike will not disappoint you.

5thgear@mindless.com or 604 244 7666