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    That Guy - "fastn50"

    This is a general atta-boy for "that guy"
    you know that one..
    ...the one that shows up early
    ...stays late...
    ...takes people to the hospital when injured
    ...helps with set up
    ...helps with teardown money to make it happen

    you know...that guy...

    Everyone that wants to give an "ATTA-BOY" to FASTn50, AKA Big Bill

    SOUND OFF HERE if you want Bill to get "THAT GUY!" put on his leathers for next season

    Thanks for being "that guy" Bill,
    Jim and Kate
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    HA HA! “FAT GUY” might be more apropos! Thanks kids, I appreciate the kind words and good intentions but there’s only two ways this thread can go; nobody posts or I die in a firestorm of flames! PLEASE, some nice moderator with a modicum of decency wipe these postings from the database before the crash n' burn occurs!
    Let me try to explain who FATn50…er..FASTn50 is:
    All my mistresses have two round, black feet and are made in Japan. I wish I had many more! I have always loved bicycles and motorcycles all my life. I shoulda’, woulda’ but probably not coulda’ raced on a track in my younger years. I did however, enjoy many activities and sports that were more or less paid for and/or organized by others who I mostly didn’t even know or were aware of. They did the work and I reaped the benefits. That’s for the most part how almost all activities are in existence; those that no longer can live vicariously through the next gen that can. They have their life experiences and perhaps a little financial ability and stability that young families and individuals probably don’t and so can contribute to something they love. I love bikes, the various disciplines of racing and for the most part I enjoy the people involved. It’s as simple as that. I’m not looking for accolades. All I ask for is a simpler line through the dirt section in Supermoto….and age before beauty!
    ps. I've never showed up early for anything! I wish racing started at noon!
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    i like Jello pudding.
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    way to go Bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Bill we missed you at the WMRC banquet. I wanted to buy "that guy" a beer!
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    I have to jump in line with slingshot here (eeewww!)
    I don't know you from the next guy, but to recieve praise like this on a board like this you MUST be someone worthy!

    Cheers mate

    GSX-R 750 G 1986

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    What has two thumbs and likes blowjobs ??

    THAT GUY!!!

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    knows ''That Guy'', and he is a hella nice person. seems like i run into him no matter where i go. most of the time it's to do with bikes. but this one odd occasion this year, my son and i found him sitting in the woods, with his laptop. he was taking down coordinates, from riders carrying a GPS, who were marking trails.

    i felt guilty, i was out riding , while Bill sat there taking down info. after a few beers the guilt had left me and all was good again

    he does a lot for the bike scene, yet always stays humble. which is more then i can say for myself and many others... you deserve all the sugar you get out of this thread Bill

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    Bill is the best. He's more "The Guy" than "That Guy".

    Always grinning too. I suspect he's got something going on in the fuzzy underpants department but at this time I have no proof.....

    I want to be like Bill. Maybe next year I'll do something. Maybe not.
    Stefan Medlicott
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    That's proper...I love seeing threads like this.
    Maybe Mediocre
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    more for bill.

    (picture "borrowed" from howard takai's website)
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    <- agrees!!

    Having worked with Bill over the past year i can say he is all heart, puts his money where his mouth is and volunteers all of the above.

    PLUS he doesn't expect (or want) a stitch of recognition for any of it and I'm sure he's actually pissed about this thread. Well, in this one and only instance, I'm glad to be a part of pissing you off Bill! Thanks for making me feel appreciated, glamorous and just down right better so often. You are truly one of a kind.

    ps. excellent photo Anna.
    one six two seven eight nine

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    Someone I consider a great friend, that guy!

    Nice to hear you get some good thanks Bill!

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