Frame sliders for the Ninja 250 R
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Thread: Frame sliders for the Ninja 250 R

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    Frame sliders for the Ninja 250 R

    I have been doing some research on frame sliders and why very little has been developed for this bike

    interesting read:

    I am now actually thinking of going with (option B)

    remove the body work while my G/F learns to ride and install it back when she gets the hang of it

    would you agree???

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    Keep in mind, that article is for an EX250, the old models...the only sliders I have seen are the one I sent you a link on before...may be similar though

    As far as removing plastics....not a bad idea, but I'm guessing Rose will fight you on that neat to see a new gen naked Ninja 250.

    Here's the plastic removal details with pics:

    This thread a has tons of info, including all the jetting details, fairings, sliders, basically, everything you need to know about modding that bike:

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    bad, m'kay?
    Don't do it.

    Replacing a set of plastics is still cheaper than replacing a dented/scratched frame.
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    You could always get Bill to make you up a small (read low profile) custom cage for it.
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