Fellow Rider Bombed?
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Thread: Fellow Rider Bombed?

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    Fellow Rider Bombed?

    Is this not 'Pastor Gary' who came out on a few rides last year with his Black 2-Stroke KTM? I always thought Gary was the coolest Pastor to join the dark side. VSM should know the bike, is this not him??


    Hopefully I have an awful memory....
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    Yes, Unfortunately it is true. The Police are still investigating. We really have no idea who would have done this. Or why? As far as we know it could have been random. All I can say is that it was no pipe bomb.

    The good news is I am healing well and no one else was hurt. Thankfully my girls weren't home at the time as we were moving. The other good news is I moved my KTM the night before, so I will ride again!

    Please pray that the RCMP will find who ever did this and it won't happen again. Next time who ever gets bombed may not be so fortunate.

    I am happy to be alive and I am looking forward to riding again in the spring.

    Thanks for posting and caring.

    God Bless,

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    Wow, crazy, glad all is well!
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    Langley, no doubt. What a crazy place that has become.

    I was the victim of more crimes in the first 2 weeks I lived in Langley than the entire 3 years I lived in Costa Rica.
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    Some days I cannot believe what our world is turning into. Random or targeted, the intent behind the bombing is very clear and it saddens me.

    Gary, I hope you make a full recovery to ride that KTM next spring!!


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    Heal fast fellow pumpkin rider!
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    That's insane! Glad it wasn't worse.. hope they catch the little bastids and we can start a Facebook group "kick a chicken bomber day".
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