I recently did a group buy for a bunch of snowsport snow plows that work with almost any vehicle. I had two people back out at the last minute leaving me on the hook for the units. All you need is a front receiver hitch. These kits retail in th US for $1450 (including the front hitch). I have two left at $959CDN plus taxes and installation without the the hitch (average price is $250 for front receiver hitches ). Here is the link with a neat little video.


Oh yeah, just so you know, I have a huge list of clients already that want me to plow for them if it snows @ $150/hr for parking lots or $80 for an average driveway.

If you want one of them, I'll send you to the shop (in Port Coquitlam) and pay them directly. I'm not making any money off this deal, I just don't want to have to buy three plows