Hi everyone, SV Racing Parts, looking for a member with a CBR 954 that I can test fit a set of rear sets on.

We just did up a custom set for the 929, and we need to test fit the rear sets, and a set of Rear Set riser Plates on the 954, prior to adding them to our SV Racing Parts, Rear Set catalog.

The rear sets are made up, I just need to be able to drop by and test fit them to make sure the fit between the 929, and the 954, is compatible.

It would only be for the time it takes to mount and confirm the fit and clearances. 30 minutes or so.

There will be some Fun Swag left behind for the bike owner who lets us test fit the Rear Sets,

I would appreciate it if anyone with a 954 or access to one could email me at b.layton@svracingparts.com right away,

I am an active racer member at WMRC, and the bike can either be brought by the shop, or I can meet or drop by for the test fit.

Thanks for your help,

Enjoy the ride, and best regards,