Nov 22 - Born to be, um, mild - and possibly damp
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Thread: Nov 22 - Born to be, um, mild - and possibly damp

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    Nov 22 - Born to be, um, mild - and possibly damp

    I saw this article posted and felt it worth sharing, Im just about to get my first motorcycle and I come across reading this... well it kind of just speaks for itself,

    SUFFER in your jocks, bikers. Yes, that means you, you wussy Hell's Angel. And you, Bandido boy. The secret's out. You aren't just overweight, smelly, middle-aged drug dealers with more tattoos than teeth. You are soft in the pants department - and quite probably bedwetters, as well.

    And guess what? These afflictions are caused by riding motorcycles.

    That's right, a new study has found that men who ride them risk impotence and urinary problems because the engine vibration damages nerves in their penises.

    A survey of more than 230 motorcyclists who ride for about three hours every weekend found that almost 70 per cent had problems getting an erection or emptying their bladders.

    The news is alarming for Victorian men who have turned to motorcycles and scooters in the past few years to beat rising fuel prices and growing traffic congestion.

    Doctors in Japan, who published two studies on the dangers in the Inter-national Journal of Impotence Research, said most motorcycle seats put undue pressure on the area between the anus and the scrotum, cutting blood flow to the penis.

    Vibrations from the engine also caused a decrease in two growth hormones in the bladder and prostate related to bladder relaxation.

    Impotence affects most males during their lives and can be caused by emotional issues, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking or alcohol.

    But all men should avoid sitting too long on hard bicycle or motorcycle seats, particularly ones with thin, pointed ends, to prevent compression of pelvic floor muscles, Impotence Australia chief executive Brett McCann said yesterday.

    About 76 per cent of riders aged 40 to 49, and 93 per cent of those aged 50 to 59, reported severe erectile dysfunction, compared with 37 per cent and 42 per cent respectively among those who did not ride motorcycles.

    John Sbrocchi has been riding a scooter to work for 2 years. His sex life had not suffered.

    Scooters normally have wider, softer seats than motorcycles, but vibrations can still affect the genitals.

    "I do have urinary flow issues, but I'm not putting it down to the scooter," Mr Sbrocchi said.

    "I'm a man of 62 and when you get to that age you get prostate problems.

    "I think scooters are one of life's greatest innovations - so it would take more than that to put me off."

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    "About 76 per cent of riders aged 40 to 49, and 93 per cent of those aged 50 to 59, reported severe erectile dysfunction, compared with 37 per cent and 42 per cent respectively among those who did not ride motorcycles."

    If that's true, that's a scary stat... 93% instead of 42% having trouble in their fifties, ouch!

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    OH SHI-

    But i don't want to ride a scooter, auntie Em!

    Urinary problems eh? Let me go check and I'll report back.
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    I assuming these scoots have similar seats to bicycles, and bicycle seats have bean known to cause ED for a LOOOONNNGGG time.

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    Of course, this study must've taken into account the tendency of those with small/broken penises to go out and buy a motorcycle....

    Cum hoc ergo propter hoc.

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    put it this way.. they have a pill that'll get you a hardon.. they havent come up with one to simulate riding a bike..

    'nuff said!! hehe

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    What a bunch of BULLSHIT.....China....Billions of people and they all ride bicycles and scooter....don't think there's a Breeding issue.

    Over Weight HD riders probably get it from their shitty diet and 100lb Beer guts.

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    You Betcha!
    There was also a study about goats, in which the male would have sex with the ewe a few times and would lose interest in sex. Until introduced to another one.
    Moral of this's not about the sex itself, or bikes or scooters or even viagra. They say the mind is the most powerful aphrodisiac... it's about the opportunities.
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    Not being able to get laid isn't the same as erectile dysfunction. Get it right guys.

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    A grain of truth? Definitely not PC!

    It may or may not have been King Rodney but some 60+ comedian explained to his Doctor; "I don't need a little pill to get more hard, I needed a big pill to make my wife less ugly!" (rimshot please!)

    Don't flame me ladies! I know I live in a glass house and unfortunately, I do have a mirror!
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    Oh please, I've been riding pedal bikes seriously for 24 years (seriously as in competitively, commuting, recreation, off road and on road.) I couldn't count the miles I've done on skinny hard bike seats and the plumbing all works fine. I just bought an R6 and the seat on that thing is plush luxury compared to any of my road or mountain bikes. Don't let articles like that scare you off, as has already been mentioned, there would probably be some other facors that would bear consideration in those stats (+1 on Peewee's comment.)
    Quote Originally Posted by bandito View Post
    Fallen Comrades?

    Some random twat who binned his bike is a "fallen comrade?"

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