Yamaha Riva 125 - the ugliest scooter you will ever own - $500 (North Burnaby)
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Thread: Yamaha Riva 125 - the ugliest scooter you will ever own - $500 (North Burnaby)

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    Yamaha Riva 125 - the ugliest scooter you will ever own - $500 (North Burnaby)

    Kinda funny ad on CL this morning:

    Reply to: sale-933873999@craigslist.org [?]
    Date: 2008-11-25, 11:04AM PST

    It has been repainted black. It has duct tape on the seat and plastic film over the speedo. It has over 14000 km on it. It needs a new fron brake cable. It does not like to start when the engine is hot. It is missing the back rear body cover. The headlight is intermittant and should not be.

    Now the good, what little there is. It comes with a brand new clutch still in the box. It had new tires put on this summer. It has two mirrors when it only had one when I got it. It got me to and from work for $300 a year insurance and $7 a month in gas when gas was $1.50 a liter.

    It also comes with a disk of the pdf files of the shop manual and parts catalog. If you have the werewithall to do the mechanical repairs, it will faithfully get you to where you need to go, all the while screaming how secure you are in your manhood, because, yes, you are man enough to ride this. You would obviously not be overcompensating for anything.
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    hahaha what a waste of plastic that is ...

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    I'd ride it. Those things are small enough to squeeze in a Skytrain, and down the residence halls at school.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ad
    You would obviously not be overcompensating for anything
    heh true dat
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