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    '91 VFR

    '91 Vfr750

    First possibility;
    -'91 VFR750 parts bike for sale. Good engine, transmission etc. 29k km's. No plastic, no headlight, no left handlebar, damaged radiator, damaged oil cooler. Twisted forks. Frame might be bent... any help on how to check frame would be appreciated. New front rotors, new tires, never used second set of rubber. Can part out if someone interested, or make offers for "whole" bike.

    Second possibility;
    -Anyone have a compatible parts bike give me a shout. Looking for a bike with good plastic, good front end that is in poor mechanical condition.

    I was thinking of making some kind of naked bike out of it, but before I throw any money at it I want to make sure the frame is straight. Anyone know where to start?
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