good price for a back up rear tire?
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Thread: good price for a back up rear tire?

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    good price for a back up rear tire?

    Rear Bridgestone BT020 180/55ZR17 SportTouring tire with 1200 or so kms on it, 50 bones
    should i buy it as a back up?

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    Depends..... (no jokes now)

    Tires do deteriorate with age, how old is it, unless you're going to use it right away may not be worth it gathering dust in your attic for a few years.....

    Myself I'd wait until you need new tires then buy new, it's not like you're going to carry it around with you and change it on the side of the road when your tire wears out....
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    this is one area i do not ever skimp on ... i buy my tires new..! period..

    i figure if i can do this with re-writable cds / dvds... i may as well do it for what actually puts my arse on the line!!

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