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    I'm wondering if you are still interested in ideas for an image or icon?
    I've finally found some time to start playing and here's what I've come up with. Let me know what you think, and if this is what you were looking for.

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    I wish.
    Hey wow, that's pretty good.

    I haven't entirely figured out what it is that I'm looking for, and honestly haven't spent a lot of time recently worrying about it.. although I will in a couple of weeks.

    What I have found is that a lot of motorcycle associations and such use a motorcycle line art drawing usually iwth it leaned over and/or wheelied. I'm perhaps looking for something a little more offbeat and cartoonish, although I'm not entirely sure.

    The shadow got me for a second, I'm thinking, "that's not the shadow a bi..oh wait.. it's BC"... clever.
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    I like that. The line art is very nice.

    I'm just wondering at something you might want to try. Put the line art over to the left side, loose the "shadow" and have the "" coming off the the right at the level of the rider's helmet. Then cut away the shape so it's a parallelogram around the rider with a narrow stripe for the lettering.
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