Klutch meet me at the broadway skate bowl.
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Thread: Klutch meet me at the broadway skate bowl.

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    Klutch meet me at the broadway skate bowl.

    Jerk me around and prepare to pay.

    Too sexy for this forum.

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    6 foot optimus prime transforms you can get in it as well - $400 (vancouver)
    Reply to: sale-959756219@craigslist.org [?]
    Date: 2008-12-15, 11:33PM PST

    someone said my talents are needed in town here..well i guess well see if thats true..what this person says..

    This is the last email i am sendind you Read THIS . The $1000 was for two guys who asked me if i could get a hold of you too build them prime suits. Both guys wanted too put $500 down and $400 on completion each for a total of $1800 i make nothing it was alll yours, i was doing this for you for payback of the deals you gave me . And as far as the fuckin asshole Larry ,he is lucky i didn't kick his ass three weeks ago when he came into the flea market ,talking about being at your place and saying your a nut case and about how your girlfriend was running around naked on the balcony. Then he was talking about fucking her ,i don't know if he wanted too or already has. The guy is pure scum and a petty value village crook . and as far as your comment on craigslist if you think i am a fag then i am off work wenesday and i will meet you at the skate board bowls on broadway at 9am if you want a piece of me and i will stick my foot up your artistic ass for those comments . I bought like $500 worth of stuff from you and sold it for $1150 i took all the risk. Now the other thing i will not be trying to promote any of your art work anymore i did it as a favour and you could of started making good money with your talent. I got enough transformers and don't need yours the only reason i emailed you that number so you would respond to that amout. So after that fag comment Fuck You!

    * Location: vancouver

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    Some of these people are probably in the mix:
    Log off and ride.
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