Sportbike Clips Or Vids ???
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Thread: Sportbike Clips Or Vids ???

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    Sportbike Clips Or Vids ???

    This may not be for this forum, but it seems that there's nothing good posts (10 at last count) in the "bike videos" forum... so where do i go to find good quality clips or short vids of good sportbike riding... ????
    Also, what up with drool section ????

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    well I'm not exactly sure what you mean.. except by 'shorts' I'm assuming you mean youtube type videos.
    I can say that for myself, I get through the winter watching a combination of videos....
    from "Faster" to "On Any Sunday" to "Dust to Glory" to a selection of old AMA Superbike vids and GP videos from the 80's and 90's (back in the heyday when Shwantz, Rainey, Mamola, Spencer, Doohan, Lawson, and Gardiner were the cream)
    they usually keep me through the winter without going wigidy-whacked without riding

    Dunno if that helps or not
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    Check the forums of any brand/model specific bike, ie.

    If you want full version movies (stunt/street/race vids), go to

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    Quote Originally Posted by klutch_r View Post
    If you want full version movies (stunt/street/race vids), go to]
    They ask for an invitation code when I try to register. What gives?
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