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C'mon, at least TRY to be constructive once in a while.
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No sorry adam 221, riding is in my blood and i'll probably be a rider till the end, so little you can't push me around.

Here at bcsb I've just want to give back to the riding community that I've enjoyed from ppl like BOG and JULIA.

From years past with all my efforts, trying to make ppl happy with rides and parties. I can't anymore and I won't let the old timers complain to me and bend my ear as to who is welcome.

about the current bcsb change in behavior.... well it sucks. Many cool ppl have left because of it.

To summerize.

I know there are many newbs posting now saying "I don't know why the
old timers are bitching" well you're new and you don't know.

There old timers bithcing about the newbs not respecting them.

Then there is me. The guy trying to make things blend like Julia.

Ok I admit I failed. I don't have the glue that binds both new and old.

adamantium has made it clear what type of forum is has changed to and
I will try to adapt so I'm looking for pointers.

Feel free to dump.
I'm looking to see how many times I went went wrong...

lets start with Blue note and sky dive sonic... as they were the first on my personal list of no shows on the SBS 2009 reservations. I had expected them to come as they had given 10 dollars to help me cover the 1000 out of my pocket for reservations for 2009 but they didn't reserve.

My point is I made an effort to bring back the ppl that I thought had a good time on a bike event but look at their posts now.

I'm getting burned. why?

LOL bring the rain, what did I do wrong.... CHIA is picking up my therapy tab pls send it to his address.

BTW calling Canadians push overs, is not cool to us.
Dude, you're nothing even close to Julia. I find it humorous when someone 4'9" calls me small lol.

Canadians are all pushovers. Deal with it.