is it me or winter?
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Thread: is it me or winter?

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    is it me or winter?

    I am looking at my RF1000 Sever and for some odd reason think it is bloody boring...

    Soooo... is it me or just parked motorcycle syndrome and it will pass?
    "Honda = Boring, Suzuki = Wannabes, Yamaha = Poser, Ducati = Overated, BMW = Compensating, Aprilia = Insecure, Buell = BCIT business... go faKOffee." - PUREVIL

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    i have the same thing. pisses me off pretty bad. ill look at my bikes in the garage while the door is open and then look outside and swear pretty loud because of the snow. only a few more weeks. till it gets hotter and keeps getting hotter.

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