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    Liposuction Anybody...

    Mmmm...Bio fuel, and only in California.,2933,473078,00.html

    Did a former Beverly Hills doctor use the fat he liposuctioned out of patients to fuel his car?

    The odd accusation was allegedly made in lawsuits filed by former patients and unearthed by this week.

    Unfortunately, if he was in fact fueling his car with fat, the practice was illegal, according to California state health officials.

    An investigation has been launched by the California public health department into the now-closed liposuction practice of Craig Alan Bittner, who once claimed on a Web site that he created "lipodiesel" from his patients' fat and used it to power his Ford SUV and his girlfriend's Lincoln Navigator,

    California law apparently forbids the use of human medical waste to power vehicles.

    Bittner's practice, Beverly Hills Liposculpture, closed in November.

    Several former patients have filed lawsuits against the doctor, claiming he allowed his unlicensed girlfriend and an assistant to perform procedures, causing mistakes that left the patients disfigured, attorney Andrew Besser, who represents three of the former patients, told
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    I bet closing had nothing to do with unlicensed individuals fucking up procedures... must be only due to the lipodiesel...
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    It's better than just throwing it out, isn't it?
    though it is my understanding that animal(or fat ass American) fat is not the best for biodiesel. Veggy is the way to go.

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