What enduro to get?
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Thread: What enduro to get?

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    What enduro to get?

    Looking to spend under $4000. Looking for a klr 650 or drz 400, any other models I should look at.

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    Are you stuck on electric start? Honda has a 600 and 400 that can be made streetlegal and are a blast.

    I had a KLR 650 and if you are going to do lots of street riding go for that. It can be a handful at times off road but is stone reliable and can do anything an XR can, only slower. If you are planning any highway trips over 1 hour go for it on a KLR. My XR650R is awesome off-road and absolutely sucks at speeds of 100+km/h.
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    Another you missed : Suzuki DR650, the 96+ model is similar in size to the DRZ 400(a bit bigger), the 95 and older is about the size of the KLR650 and has lots of bottom end but youre stuck with a kick start, probably most fun bike i ever rode so far(one i test rode was a 93'....Locomotive-like torque)
    Depends if you want City, Offroad or highway..
    Highway and city-KLR650-notorious adventure tourer,pretty reliable with lots of aftermarket support
    Offroad-Honda- big dirtbike with lights
    City&Offroad- 96+DR650 or DRZ both very nice machines but to me personally they seem too small and light for the highway.
    Price- newer DR650's seem to be pricey, DRZ400 are not foundable under 4G's AT ALL from what i've seen as they are a new model and i guess electric start and lcd dash makes them expensive, KLR650 are pretty common and should be easy to find in 3-4 grand range in very good shape.
    There's also Yamaha XT350 that doesnt have the balls or aftermarket support or offroad capability of either, but its a neat little bike that would make a decent commuter and trail bike on weekends.

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