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    P3 GSXR 600 Superlite

    I really like the looks of this bike, and 282lbs dry weight is amazing!


    Bitubo FXF11 25mm Cartridge Fork kit Bitubo
    Rear Shock absorber Bitubo XXF adjustable high and low speed compression and adjustable rebound, Adjustable length and optional hydraulic preload adjustment.
    Brakes ISR 6 Piston radial calipers and Discs
    BST Carbon Fibre wheels
    Durbhan Carbon monocoque seat Unit
    P3 Full Carbon Bodywork.
    Fuel Capacity 17 Litres
    Weight Dry 128Kg (282lbs)
    Weight ready to ride 153Kg (337lbs)

    Measured Power at the wheel
    120BHP at 14,1000RPM

    Cost on the road £18,950.00

    The project was born after looking at the results from the World Supersport 600 class. The 600cc bikes were lapping quicker than the 1000cc Superstock bikes where both classes use the same suspension and tyres.
    What makes the 600's so quick?
    The simple answer is weight and power delivery. The 600's are easier to ride but their lower weight allows them to carry more corner speed and be easier on tyres. So we built a prototype based on the GSXR600K7, this bike had 4 targets to meet. Weigh less than a 158Kg WSS600 bike, have 120BHP at the wheel and lap the most demanding race track in the world quicker than it's 1000cc big brother and finally it still has to be fully road legal.

    With these targets set we looked at every part of the bike to find where we could save weight and improve on an already very good 600cc Sportsbike.The work took us months of scouring every supplier we could find and testing every part at the Mallory Park and the Nurburgring to make sure it worked as well as possible. If it did not give the performance gain we needed we looked harder at what we could do. This bike had to be the best we could make it. As the bike evolved we gained support from manufacturers and suppliers.
    Lap time on the Nurburgring: 7:17
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