Post: HELP! ICBC wants to prohibit me from driving for 3 months.
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You really would like a cop to be smoked by a car? Wow.

no cop bashing on bcsb.

Thank you
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My thoughts:

I agree, never pay a parking ticket. The City of Victoria in particular can F**K right off.

I would not risk riding without a license. You are too screwed if caught. It's too hard to do now, those auto plate readers and our rights are so erroded now that we have no rights anymore.

I would advocate playing a game with the Stoopidintendant where you get the notice in the mail (regular mail- not registered) and then hide out and drive nicely. At the end of three months of very nice driving go to them (assuming you were never stopped by a cop and produced a license) and ask to reinstate your license you mailed in 3 months earlier and plead ignorance. Make lots of noise and be indignant that you have served your 3 month suspension.

Or play a variation of this game.

Or write a very nice letter and live with a one month suspension.

Breaking bullshit laws you do not have to feel guilty or bad about, but I drive slower now to save gas and brakes.

Would it not be cool to watch and have one of the cops get smoked by a car?

Good Luck.

One more reason one should always dispute every ticket and bog down the system.