A question regarding PARENTS!

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Thread: A question regarding PARENTS!

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    Question A question regarding PARENTS!

    Without spilling my life story, I'll keep this simple and too the point .....

    I'm in my early 30's, married with kids.
    I'm currently in school finishing my red seal apprenticeship and I've never EVER asked for money from either my (divorced) parents for schooling or education. I never took any post secondary education as it took me 10 more years to figure out my interest.

    .......... In the last couple of years classmates of younger and similar age to me seem to have had, or are having, their parents help out in some fashion with the direct related bills or fees associated with school. (Tuition, books, test fees etc....)
    ... so now the question.
    Are your, or have your parents willingly paid for schooling in full of in part?
    I'm not bitter or looking to get even. I just seem to be in the minority regarding financial backing from parents. Even my inlaws have made comments about helping out.
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    I recieved nothing from anybody for my schooling (I was 21, now 23).

    I haven't lived with my parents since I was 15, they divorced when I was 14.

    Everything I own is a product of my hard work, I wouldn' have it any other way to be honest.

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    Good topic, I'm usually wondering this too. My parents usually pay for my books as a Christmas present. Other than that, I'm on my own, pay my own tuition, living expenses and bike. I'm 25 and in my last semester at UBC. Working the streets has been hard, but it seems to be paying off, except when I have deadbeat clients like adam112 that usually pull a 'runner'.

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    i doubt in my case it would have made much of a difference.. i obnly went to university for the parties so pissed away 2.5 years of my own money on it.. if my mom could of paid, i would have just pissed away her money..

    i will go back one day, now that i'm seasoned..

    i think if you're serious about suceeding in school, it won't matter if your parents foot the bill or you have to go it alone..

    motivation and focus will equal success either way..


    what was the question again? lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by KillahK View Post

    what was the question again? lol
    Beer Joe, Beer was the question.

    Carry on now!

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    When I went through BCIT I was the only one in my class NOT living at home. I had a few cash hand outs from my Dad along the way and my Mom helped out where she could but for the most part I did it on my own.
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    I was on full scholarship at SFU. Lost it in the first semester. LOL.
    Worked two jobs while going to school and living on my own. Student loans helped, of course.

    I spent the next 10 years paying them off. If I had to do it over again, I wouldn't.

    University is a waste of time, kids. Start working right out of highschool and save up. Once you've figured out what you like to do, take a cheap one-year college course and be done with it.
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    My parents helped as much as they could have.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cyclestarter View Post
    Without spilling my life story,....I'm in my early 30's, married with kids.l
    Of course you should open up RESP accounts for your kids. Better to start now and your yearly contributions will be lower.

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    Quote Originally Posted by heisenberg View Post
    Of course you should open up RESP accounts for your kids. Better to start now and your yearly contributions will be lower.
    Ya, that's what I was going to suggest too......startem real young!

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    When I earned my bachelor's degree at UVic I paid for my own tuition and books, but I still live at home, which obviously saved me a ton of money during that time.

    When I went back a few years later to do my master's degree at UBC, I was newly married and my wife was doing her master's as well. Things were very tight but we did it on our own and got through. We took out small student loans for just one year ($8,000 combined) and we had those paid off with 2-3 years, unlike some who have tens of thousands to pay off.
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    edukayshun ...

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    I paid my own way while my parents paid for everything for my younger sister. Yeah, they liked her better.
    My son is a student at UofT. His father (my ex) and I co-pay for tuition and some books. Kid works as well, pays his own everyday expenses.
    Oh yeah, I bought him a condo in downtown To. and fully furnished it. Does that make me Mom of the Year?

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    No, Deb, it just makes you richer than me.
    But I guess with those "extra" years of earning above my meager 31 years of age, it should be expected!
    In my situation, I was very fortunate in that I knew what I wanted to do for a career, and I could get away with a college education, instead of a full-blown BA. My parents had the foresight to save every single family allowance cheque they ever received for my brother and I, and deposited the FULL amount every month into an education account.
    When it was time for me to go to school, exactly enough cash was there for books and tuition for two years of college. That was just pure dumb luck, but I'll take it.
    I was living at home at the time, which made things much easier, but I worked two jobs to pay for my car, insurance, repairs and fuel, plus having a bit of fun.
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    My folks didn't have any cash, but they were supportive as they could be with a kid who didn't want to live under their roof

    After a year of college I earned a free ride with the military for university, but then my younger sister wanted to go as well. She had a kid in high school so didn't have the opportunities to work that I did, so my grandparents offered me a job helping to run their small motel in the summer. Add on a bartender/bouncer job at night, helping out on the farm haying and two jobs during the winter at Uni and I managed to get both of us through, with only 20k or so in loans.

    I think a lot of parents out here spoil their kids. I understand that they want to help them as much as possible, but free room, board and tuition along with letting the kids keep all their earned money for toys doesn't teach them a whole lot about working and how to get by.

    One of the most ambitious guys I ever met was a 20 year old who lived in one of the BCIT dorms with me. He didn't have a dad, and his single mom didn't have ANY money to help him out with when he graduated high school. He was a total pothead, no ambition, never worked a day in his life, and she was really worried that he wouldn't be able to make it, especially now that she couldn't afford to feed and house him anymore.

    So she scraped up the little she had and bought him a one way plane ticket to Australia for his 18th birthday and gave it to him a day or two before the flight. He grabbed a duffel bag, headed to the airport and got off the plane with a spare change of clothes and .....nothing else. He didn't even think about how he was going to eat, where he was going to sleep or how he was ever going to get back to Canada.

    But he learned how to take care of himself, how to work hard, that the lowest people on the totem pole have to eat the most shit and eventually saved enough money to get a plane ticket back home and never looked back. He was scoring top marks in a power engineering course or something really practical like that after spending a few months up north working his ass off for $$ and doing a ton of overtime. I could see him being a CEO of some big outfit some day.

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