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Thread: If you could only have one

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    My what?

    If you could only have one

    With the bike show in town and everybody starting to think about the upcoming season it got me wondering what is the most desirable bike this year.
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    Whatever would get Klutch and Ebi riding on the bitch seat.
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    I will (hopefully) always have a sport bike, but I would really like to also have a cruiser.
    As much as I hate most HDs, I will admit to getting some funny feelings in my nether regions every time I see the all-black V-Rod. The Night Train version, I believe?
    Slap on some different bars, and it would be the ultimate puddle-jumper for me.
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    Dual sport all the way. They're a bike you can put in pretty much any situation and still have fun. It won't be great at anything but they really open your world up. Highly recommended. Sportbikes still tempt me but if I had to choose one or the other, I wouldn't hesitate to opt for the dual sport for even a second.

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    i'm leaning {pun intended} heavily on the side of SuperSports these days, grew up on Trial bikes n' loved every second, the old man n' uncle both ride cruisers, and as much as they do have their special appeal {believe it or not i'm a Harley fan, not saying i'd buy one though } on longer rides where roads are mostly straight... technology and all its wonders of the last couple of years are bringing us some amazing toys which only a decade ago were your average track star's dreams!!! now if you have a steady job n' arent in danger of losing it to economic downturn you're able to own the cream of the crop for a few Gees!! unbelievable...

    as far as i'm concerned its a great time to be some what of an adrenaline junkie, weather it be on the street, up in the hillz somewhere or the track... your weapon of choice is at yer finger tipz...

    great avatar btw, spin it up!!

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    es ist orange und bellt Array barking pumpkin's Avatar
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    I'd like a street legal KTM 560 SMR....yup...that's what I want.
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    01/23/09 EDIT: K1200S!!

    03/23/09 edit again: GS 1200 adventure
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    I'm just here for the intelligent conversation.
    dual-sport for me.

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    tuono... mmm

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    Quote Originally Posted by rgm View Post
    With the bike show in town and everybody starting to think about the upcoming season it got me wondering what is the most desirable bike this year.
    Of course I would not give up my CURRENT bike, but if I could choose a second would be a dual sport. I want to get on the backroads soemthing I have never done, and still have a blast on a small lightweight on the street.
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    I would love to own a 1098R
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    I guess this might be typical but...

    I actually have my eye on a 2004/05 GSXR 750 in Yellow/Black. I really want that color scheme and year of bike, Yeah I know it's not new but meh!
    Yamaha R6

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    Supermoto all the way! Those who have never been on one for more than 10 minutes just don't understand. Take one out for a few days and see if you want to ride your other bikes again. Seriously.
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    A red one
    Naked if I could only choose one. A nice monster or Aprillia dripping with carbon fiber and ohlins laughing at all the supersports you destroy on the twisties.
    Originally posted by adamantium
    I'm going to type this slowly so that you folk can follow along.
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    I agree with you about the internet, it's probably here to stay.

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    2006 K1200S

    only one you ask ?!!

    why Dorothy - here in Kansas you don't have to marry the darn thing (bikes don't get jealous when you ride another bike for a bit), why limit yourself? I had the pleasure of riding a 999R for an afternoon last summer, and I felt near-omnipotent on the danged thing - like Jean-Claude Van-Superman ... I'll bet the 1098R is incredible !!!

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