Yup, winter storage and now won't start
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Thread: Yup, winter storage and now won't start

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    Yup, winter storage and now won't start

    hello everyone, as the topic states, i have a 2001 Yamaha R6 carbed. it has been in storage for a number of months now, wanted to test out if the bike will start today so i put back the battery and gave it a few starts and it didn't turn over. everything else seem fine, lights worked, it cranks but just didn't turn over. any suggestions on what to do? i am thinking my carbs needs cleaning? and if so, i guess its off to the shop cause i've never worked with carbs before.

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    Did you put in fuel stabiliser and run the engine for 10 minutes before you stored it?

    it cranks but just didn't turn over
    So you hit the starter, the engine spins, but doesn't start?
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    It's really not uncommon for the first start to be hard, especially as the bike starts to turn from 'new' to 'used'.

    What you want to do is continue to crank but not completely continuously. And by that I mean, 5 - 7 seconds on the starter, wait 5 - 7, 5 - 7 on the starter, repeat. It might take a few minutes of this, and I wouldnt be surprised if you need to pull up your car, break out the jumper cables, connect them to your battery and continue to crank. (car NOT running, mind you).

    Now, MIND YOU, this is assuming something didn't actually go wrong somehow in the in-between time. Gas doesn't varnish in a couple of months, and the whole "water in the gas" thing is a little overemphasized if you ask me. Of course, if your fuel tank was empty so there was a lot of air, and you were parked besides a humidifier ...

    anyways, do what I said Im sure you'll be fine.


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    Carb cleaner works like a champ even if you have no idea how carbs actually work.
    Then bump start the thing it'll fire up!!!!

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