the suv of motorcycles in big trouble.
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Thread: the suv of motorcycles in big trouble.

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    the suv of motorcycles in big trouble.

    make sure you read the comments below. " your momma" 's made me laff.

    it sucks there's bound to be more jobs lost.
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    yeh i heard they were trying to get the US gov. to do their part by appoving a bail out package which will enable its customers to 'borrow' capital in order to purchase their over-priced weekend toys.. obviously its not just about getting the cash... people just cannot justify it these days..

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    Life is too short to own ugly motorcycles.

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    ......"as the baby boom trades its bikes for wheelchairs...."

    "Let us cross over the river, and rest under the shade of the trees."
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    This would be a huge problem if all they did was sell motorcycles.

    I believe they make a large amount of profit from the Baseball hats and beltbuckels, that are mostly made off shore.
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    A large portion or even MOST of their money comes from selling trinkets and other crap.
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    Conjecture is all fine and good, but often it doesn't accomplish much. If they survive, they survive. If they don't, well, then their business model wasn't good enough. No skin off my nose either way.
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    Wait until Harley suspends dividend payments and the stock really crashes.

    Then you can pick up some shares on the cheap.

    Wait for a the financial rebound, sell your Harley shares when they head north, and buy yourself a new bike... and definately not a Harley.

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    I always go to look at the Harley display(s) at the Vanc. Bike Show....not because I particularly care for Harleys, but because I have to admire some of the amazing craftsmanship that has gone into some of these bikes.
    However, when I was eavesdropping on one of the many conversations about the cloudy future of Harley-Davidson, I heard the oft-quoted comment favoured by died-in-the-leather H-D owners/operators when validating their choice of motorcycle and the "religion" that goes along with owning an H-D: "You either get it or you don't".
    With all respect to these folks....I would humbly suggest that H-D owners/operators/retailers/H-D themselves are the ones that "don't get it".
    As a result, H-D is on the rocks and they know it. Going belly-up is a matter of when, not if.

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    Harley-Davidson will most likely go through some serious restructuring but certainly not out and out demise.

    They'll most likely pull a Chrysler and shut down their production lines for a short while and then fall back on licensing their name to t-shirt and key chain production.
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    Honda. Still. Again.
    They do cater to their own market very, very well. Recall, they've been doing this for 106, and have gone through many market contractions, and expansions.
    Down, perhaps. But not out.

    I bought my first Harley in 1993, when they struggled to build 100,000 units. Now they do at least twice that. I haven't owned one in a while, but wouldn't entirely dismiss the thought of owning another. One day. In a "multiple bike," ownership situation.

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    unlike the big 3 NA auto makers. HD is still holding on to bulk of MC market, their marketing strategies are working. poor management decisions, unions and economy all helped to put Harley deeper in the crapper they have had problems even when HD dealers couldn't keep bikes on show room floors. Harley credit been in trouble for awhile, nothin new.

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    This ain't right. Harley sales should climb in direct proportion to unemployment.

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    leather jackets and oil puddles

    That was the best part
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    This is one iconic North American brand I wouldn't mind seeing auctioned off to the highest Chinese/Indian bidder, if just to see all the HD loyalists piss and moan.

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    Wow. I should have shorted "HOG" 4 months ago.

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