A Redneck Love Poem
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    A Redneck Love Poem

    A Redneck Love Poem

    Susie Lee Done Fell In Love,
    She Planned To Marry Joe.
    She Was So Happy 'bout It All,
    She Told Her Pappy So.

    Pappy Told Her, Susie Gal,
    You'll Have To Find Another.
    I'd Just As Soon Yo' Ma Don't Know,
    But Joe Is Yo' Half Brother.

    So Susie Put Aside Her Joe
    And Planned To Marry Will.
    But After Telling Pappy This,
    He Said, "there's Trouble Still."

    You Can't Marry Will, My Gal,
    And Please Don't Tell Yo' Mother.
    But Will And Joe, And Several Mo'
    I Know Is Yo' Half Brother.

    But Mama Knew And Said, My Child,
    Just Do What Makes Yo' Happy.
    Marry Will Or Marry Joe;
    You Ain't No Kin To Pappy.
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