big thanks to Holly, PNWMA, dualsport BC
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Thread: big thanks to Holly, PNWMA, dualsport BC

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    big thanks to Holly, PNWMA, dualsport BC

    I enjoyed being part of the endurocross show at the Vancouver Motorcycle Show at Tradex, and wanted to thank all the dualsport BC volunteers, Sylvie and Jane from PNWMA, and our own Holly Suggit who did everything but fly Jordan Szoke in to showcase his trials skills.

    Endurocross is going to do nothing but grow, and judging by the happy faces who braved the cold temps to watch, I think we've grown some more fans for motorcycling here in BC.

    And what about Jordan Szoke on the trials bike? He has way too much talent to just race here in Canada, Kawasaki deserves a hand for letting him come and ride with us, as an insurance rider must have been passed to let him do that for us.

    We have a small, but dedicated motorcycle community here in the lower mainland, and from Thors awesome work on the mike with the stunt guys, Ted Blow with the trials guys, to Shane from Holeshot all you guys and girls rock.

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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole
    yup it was a good weekend. Good job!
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    We really enjoyed the Dual Sport demo on sunday afternoon. I hope the guy who went over his handlebars and then got hit by the bike following him is ok.
    They are very skilled riders, to be sure.

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    The best place to hang out was in the back with Sat and Ted crews. Lots of good (not always clean) fun and some awesome riding. I know where I will be hangin' out next year.......
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    I've riden with Ted on numerous occasions and along with another guy we were the originals of DualSport BC. Bill from 5th Gear needs to be applauded also for showing and doing more for the sport than any other major shop here. Ted's a character but as far as riding on dirt, trials riding etc, the guy has so much knowledge it's incredible. He also seems to know where every trail in BC goes to, without a compass or GPS.

    A plug for him and his friends. Go up to Ioco and watch or volunteer for a Trials event.

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