Use caution on the upper levels hwy
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Thread: Use caution on the upper levels hwy

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    Use caution on the upper levels hwy

    Just before Horseshoe Bay, approximate location:

    As you can clearly see, the road has caved in. Several cars have been enveloped into the abyss. Looks interesting, IF you've got a supermoto - I'd launch it off the far side... dont think I could clear it.

    Also, the big bridge before the ferries... it fell down. Quite a day for the north shore.

    Anyone else use Google Earth to plan trips and find cool roads (or off-road)?

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    That's funny. I'm not the brighest light in the socket but I'd assume this was a graphic error by google earth? Looks trippy (high-five) very nice!
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    nice bike
    people would be willing to pay to ride that stretch of road.

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