Hello Everyone,
I have a 4 year old (great condition) Teknic Chicane Leather Riding Suit available. Size 44US Jacket and Pants(Teknic Sizing) Black/Grey/Silver. Check out the details on the new 2009 suit here, http://www.teknicgear.com/chicane-2pc-suit/ mine is essentially the same but from a few years ago. Check out my pics that are attached to this post. I'll gladly post more photos if anyone wants.
It is a 2-piece that zips together around the waist to make it a full suit. It's in great shape with no rips or tears, probably worn 50 times. Never crashed in. Unfortunately I have gained a few pounds and it is now too small for me. It will fit someone between 5'8"-5'11", up to about 155lbs.
Call me if you think it will work for you. 604-898-8239 Paul. $400