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    Smile new guy...

    I am up in Merritt, just stumbled upon this forum today, thought I'd join in.

    I am an automotive journeyman, husband, dad and avid evening, weekend rider. Started with a 1998 DR350, learned to ride in lower drainland, moved to Merritt, had a couple cruisers, 1987 XV1100, 1981 GS850L, just bought a 2006 GSX600F and love it! Lots of good canyon carving around here and radar is reasonably slim pickin's so the fun factor is good.

    Since I bought the Kat in August last year, my father in law tried it and I converted him from large tractor like two wheelers with skid lids to a 2008 GSXR1000 with a full face helmet, what a nutcase, but we are having a blast!

    I am hopefully getting a new 2009 Hayabusa in white, maybe in March if things go well.

    Hope I can meet some people to ride with in the area and have a safe 2009 season.

    I'd post a pic of my bike , but my photobucket is messed up tonight. And really I'd like to post a pic of the Busa in a month and a half, if all goes according to plan.



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    Welcome to BCSB

    During the summer there are lots of rides to Merritt
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    Welcome aboard! Wish I could live out that way more. Will be doin lotsa weekenders out there when the weather gets better. Gets to be slim pickins out here after so long. Good luck on the busa. Nasty bike (in a good way)

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    Welcome to the Disneyland of motorcycle forums.

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    So far so good. Nobody is crying and nobody is banned yet.....

    Welcome to bcsb!
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    welcome to the board

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    Welcome to the nut house , lots of good folk around here ,with a few screwalls to liven it up once in a while , here is a 'Busa pic , I was at a few dealers today and saw a couple , not my fav as far as the looks , but a super comfy bike , great for the highways up there , just take it easy on #8 with that big bitch ----------------------------------
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    Hey what size helmet do you wear? Like a XXXXXXXXXX-Large?

    Welcome aboard BTW.
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    Welcome to BCSB!!

    Quite a few of us spin by Merritt in the summer months, that is us here in the Lower Mainland and the Valley (Mission, The Wack...). There are also a bunch of interior guys in the Okanagan and Kamloops that post here as well. Might want to check out a thread called "PMS Tour". It's related to a get together for interior riders.

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    Big and slow

    just kidding

    Flowbie- Mellowing with age...

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    welcome to the suck

    just kidding! im sure ull have lots of fun here. lotsa rides in your direction logan lage cache creek and so on! just dont get caught in the middle of no-where with you drive sprocket falling off your bike......errrrr......that was last year.

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    Welcome. Fasten your seatbelt.
    - Dyslexics of the world, UNTIE!!

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    Welcome aboard.

    Hey, you related to this guy by chance?

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    welcome to BCSB from another rider living in snow country, bike in the garage for a couple more months yet.
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    Fallen Comrades?

    Some random twat who binned his bike is a "fallen comrade?"

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    Welcome to the site. As far as riding goes, we do Thursday and Sunday rides. Thursdays are meet at Kamloops Yamaha and leave by 6(these posted on the ride area as to direction and such). Sundays are a fly by the seat of our pants, sometimes they are listed if it is a bigger ride.
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