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Hmm still not being very nice.
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yes because I have a mustang,r6,durango,and a ram that means I have a small cock you stupid fuck.

Also I give sportbike riders a bad name ? I seem to recall turning around on a ride last year because most of you on that ride were riding like idiots. What happened jafka laid him self down! And I am the guy giving sportbike riders a bad name. I dont car how fucking long you have been riding, how small your cock is or if your jelious because your a 16yr old lil bitch wishing he had a woman.

If you want to try and insult me your going to need to do better then dish out petty comments that only reflect on urself.

I asked what difference in speed I would see in gear and this turned into a shit show with information that was incorrect, you wanted gps varification then look up videos its easy. Maybe next time you would anwser what I asked you... but not to worry I wont be asking anyone on this site I am better off lookin up the info my self... no wonder so many riders dont even bother with this site anymore!